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Welcome to Write On!
(formerly known as Finish Your Ish!)

This is a community designed specifically to help us creative types finish projects that have long been lacking an official ending. There **was** another community just like this on Dreamwidth but as its become dormant, I thought we could all use a new push to make our works in progress, works finished.

Now here's how it works:

1. Near the end of each month, you will set a goal for yourself for the coming month (ex: 1,000 words, 20 pages, two chapters edited, et al).
2. Work hard on your goals and participate in our discussion posts whenever any issues or angst strikes you.
3. Non-mandatory check-ins will take place on the 15th-16th of each month.
4. At the end of each month, please report back! We'll total up the amount of progress we've made together.
5. Repeat until your work is finished!
5.5. Share any snippets of your writing, if you like, for encouragement and edification of your fellow participants.
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Please sign up here to participate in the OFFICIAL first round of "Write On!" Finishing is super great, but remember, progress over perfection is the name of this new game!
Use the form below and reply in the comments:
Name/Username: (or whatever you wish to be called in this community)

Name of Your Project(s): (it doesn't need an official name; "Untitled AU" works just fine)

Current Progress on Your Project(s): (how far along are you)

Goals: (What you think you can reasonably accomplish by 12 a.m. on February 1, 2019)
**Just a reminder: There will be a non-mandatory check-in on January 15-16. Just to see where we're at and to hopefully give each other some much needed motivation!
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So I am sad to report that this community never got off to a running start. I completely blame myself for that! I have about a million excuses, several of which are even valid, but the point is, I fell down on the job. I haven't made any progress on any stories in a long time either so I feel like this group - I really need it. Maybe you do too?! It was originally called by the intimidating name "Finish Your Ish!" but I have now changed it to "Write On!" simply in the hopes of communicating that any progress you make on a story is still PROGRESS. So don't give up hope. We've got ya! We understand!

Please join us and yes, this community will take off officially January 1st
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Want to talk about your project or share a snippet of what you've written? Need to vent about writer's block or ask for some advice? This is *your* place to do so.


Write On!

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